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Mental Health Admissions – Strategic Behavioral Center – Willmington

We understand the emotional impact of an admission for treatment, therefore compassion and understanding for families during this time is a priority. The Admission’s Team seeks to provide a welcoming and positive experience for you and your family. We know the many questions and concerns that surface during a time such as this and strive to do what we can to make this transition as comfortable, helpful, and informative as possible. SBC Wilmington prides itself on helping families put their lives back together one piece at a time.

At the time of admission you can expect the process to be about an hour and a half to two hours. You will not only meet with the admission staff but will also meet with Nursing, the therapist who will be assigned to your family members and also the Physician who will be providing services.  In fact, we want you to have your first family session the day of admission when possible!  At SBC Wilmington, we take a team approach to treatment and one of the biggest parts of our team is you the family. Your input and involvement is imperative for us to provide your family member with the best possible treatment and outcome.


  • Males and Females
  • Ages 12-17 upon admission for PRTF
  • Ages 5-17 upon admission for Inpatient Programs, as well as Adults and Seniors
  • Mental Health Disorder
  • IQ of 70 or above for PRTF


  • Strategic Behavioral Centers application(Download PDF)
  • Most current Psychiatric and Psychological evaluations
  • Medical history
  • IEP ( Individualized Education Plan)
  • Previous treatment history
  • Psychiatric assessment and History & physical from acute hospitalization ( If the client is currently in an acute setting)


Medicaid Card or other insurance ID card, copy of the Birth Certificate, Social Security Card and Immunization record.  We will be happy to make you copies if you don’t have a copy. You will also need to bring any medication that your family member is currently on or prescriptions for that medication.


Can my child bring a phone or electronic devices? We do not allow phones or personal electronic devices to be brought in. We do provide your child with phone call time a minimum of twice a week and once on the weekend. We also have music player’s available and game systems on each hall.

What type of clothing can we bring? We ask that bring one pair of tennis shoes (Velcro type preferred-laces are not permitted), flip flops, house shoes, additional pair of shoes, if desired. Residents will need seven of each of the following: shirts, pants, shorts, and undergarments. See the handbook for more details.

Can my child bring any personal items?  Yes, we welcome photos as long as they are not in frames or photo albums. In your child’s room they will have their own personal space to hang pictures. Your child can bring up to 4 books, we do have a library on campus where residents can sign books out, and books can be purchased in our unit store with points earned in our program. Therapist approval will need to be obtained before residents will be allowed access.

When will I be able to visit my child?  We encourage visits to begin after the first family sessions. Your therapist can give you more information about visitation. We have formal visitation times set up for twice during the week and once on the weekend.  The times and days are in your hand book. We strongly encourage you to come and visit.

Can we bring hygiene products? We will provide all hygiene products for your child including brushes, combs, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion etc. We do not allow perfume, cologne, make up, hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons or razors.  Hygiene products can be purchased in our unit store with points earned in our program.

We accept the following forms of insurance: NC Medicaid, NC Health Choice, Tricare, most Commercial Insurances and Self pay.

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