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Back to School – Coping with Mental & Behavioral Health


School is in full swing, and now is the time to start getting into the proper mindset for the next nine or so months. Summer allows both parents and children the opportunity to escape from the daily grind, and to get a well-deserved rest before learning resumes again. However, there are challenges that exist for those suffering from mental health issues, both out of school, and especially once school starts again. The lack of daily schedules during the summer can sometimes make the transition back to school difficult at times, and it can be compounded when a child suffers from anxiety, fear or depression.

So what exactly can parents do to help ease their children into the right frame of mind during school, as well as helping them with their particular mental or behavioral health issues? The key lies in being able to provide children with methods for combating their anxiety, and offering solutions that can help ease them into the new school year. Granted, every child differs in terms of their comfort levels, their ability to deal with new and unfamiliar situations. As a species, humans are generally against change, and it is natural for there to be periods of time where it is difficult to make transitions. Mental health issues can compound that problem, however, making it vital to get a jump start on helping your child adjust.

We cannot underestimate the power of having access to a certified mental health professional, as they will be able to help guide your child and be a source of information, encouragement and able to pinpoint any specific issues. Being able to discuss any potential concerns in advance can really make a positive difference, and help set the tone for the coming school year.

Some of the more proactive aspects that a parent can take are:

  • Investing your time and energy to take the steps necessary to alleviate symptoms of anxiety
  • Affirm their particular issues and take steps to ensure them that struggling with anxiety is ok
  • Help prepare them for potential triggers in their school realms, such as difficult classes, dealing with potential bullies and other challenging situations
  • Speak to a certified mental health professional for counseling, guidance and help.

Children who suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression tend to perform more poorly in school, having issues with judgement, memory and being able to pay attention. If you are concerned that your child may be having difficulties that are related to mental or behavioral health issues, contact us today for a completely free and confidential evaluation.


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